Conic Hill, Loch Lomond

Conic Hill provides one of the most outstanding views of Loch Lomond. The view shows the effect of the Highland Boundary Fault and the start of the Scottish Highlands. More about the stunning view shortly, first a description of the two approaches to Conic Hill


Drymen to Balmaha (Over Conic Hill)

The 7-mile walk that culminates with Conic Hill is between the villages of Drymen and Balmaha, along the route of the West Highland Way, the 96-mile long distance walk from Milngavie, just outside of Glasgow to Fort William.

This stretch of the West Highland Way links the villages of Drymen and Balmaha, two popular overnight stopping points. It is on this stretch from Drymen where walkers first get to see Loch Lomond. Ultimately you walk towards the loch and beyond Balmaha you will be walking along its banks. To get to Balmaha you need to walk over Conic Hill which can be seen in the distance. This is one of my favourite walks in Loch Lomond & The Trossachs, which luckily for me is right on my doorstep as I live in Drymen.

If you plan to walk your dog on this route please note that there are restrictions during lambing.

This is one of my favourite walks in Loch Lomond & The Trossachs, which luckily for me is right on my doorstep as I live in Drymen.

The final steps and climb up Conic are hard work. Once you get your breath back at the top the hard work is forgotten as you gaze over Loch Lomond and its islands, with Ben Lomond in the distance.

Aside from the view, you often notice the sudden increase of people. This walk is popular, with runners and mountain bikers joining the many walkers. However, once you have climbed Conic Hill you will most likely notice a significancy increase of people. This is because the climb from the Balmaha side is incredibly popular.

From Balmaha

Take the forest path at the back of the public car park in Balmaha. Once you clear the forest, go through the turnstile and climb some steps, over your shoulder the view will start to be visible. The more you climb, the better it gets.

It doesn’t take too long to get close to the top of Conic Hill to enjoy the excellent views.

To get to Balmaha you can drive or cycle from the village of Drymen. A bus links Alexandria/Balloch with Balmaha and you could arrive by water bus transfer from Luss. Read more about Balmaha at our guide, linked below.

Highland Boundary Fault

The Highland Boundary Fault, runs from Arran in the west of Scotland, to Stonehaven in the east. The fault line separates the lowlands and highlands of Scotland. Conic Hill is an ideal spot to see a wide view of the extent of the impact of the fault line on Loch Lomond.

Conic Hill in Winter

If there’s some snow on the hill and safe to climb Conic Hill is absolutely beautiful


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