Brenachoile Point

Steamship Sir Walter Scott, Brenachoile Point, Loch Katrine

Steamship Sir Walter Scott, Brenachoile Point, Loch Katrine

Loch Katrine

Brenachoile Point is located 3 miles from Trossachs Pier on the banks of Loch Katrine in the Trossachs. The popular picnic spot is a small grassy peninsula of land that enjoys good views across to Ben Venue, the Sir Water Scott Steamship and Lady of the Lake regularly sail past during the day.

Forestry Commission Scotland has published a very useful guide to walking in Forestry land, including Brenachoile Point (download it at the link below).


Brenachoile Point - Loch Katrine

A wind up powered speaker tells the story about the history of Loch Katrine, the information panel describes how this is the birthplace of Scottish tourism.


Getting to Brenachoile Point

Brenachoile Point can be walked, or cycled from either Trossachs Pier, or Stronachlachar along a smooth lochside road. This is a private road, controlled by Scottish Water, and not for general use. If you don’t want to walk here you can hire a golf buggy or bike at Trossachs Pier. If you do hire a golf buggy this is the furthest point that it can be taken.


Outlander TV Location

Brenachoile Point featured in an episode of the pouplar Outlander TV drama, first shown in 2016. The location is pointed out during the live commentary on each of the 9 daily Loch Katrine sailings on the steamship and Lady of the Lake.

‘Dragonfly in Amber’, the conclusion of season 2 of Outlander is where you can see Loch Katrine. The scene filmed at Brenachoille Point was set during 1968, with characters Brianna and Roger sitting at the end of the point talking about the past. The car that they are seen getting out of at the start of the scene actually got stuck during filming. Luckily the team from the Sir Water Scott steamship came to the rescue and towed them out!

As Outlander fans will know the series flashes back to the 18th century, a time when Loch Katrine born outlaw Rob Roy MacGregor was roaming the nearby Scottish countryside. The story of Rob Roy MacGregor is part of the literary works of Sir Walter Scott, who the popular steamship at Loch Katrine is named after, there are also daily cruises on the Lady of the Lake, named after Scott’s narrative poem, first published in 1810. 

Loch Katrine is very much in Outlander country, with Callander, Doune Castle and Deanston Distillery also featuring in the hit TV series.

Brenachoile Point Footsteps

At the end of Brenachoile Point you will find some stones, encouraging you to stand in the footsteps of the literary giants, such as William Wordsworth and Sir Walter Scott that visited Loch Katrine and wrote so powerfully about it.

Stand In Your Own Footsteps

One of the stones in the sequence invites you to stand in your own footsteps and think about your own words and thoughts about the scenery, wildlife and nature around you.

Here are some more photographs of Brenachoile Park, with some featuring the famous Sir Walter Scott steamship sailing past. To find out more about Loch Katrine please visit our guide which is linked below.


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