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This brand new website launched in August 2018. The idea initially had been to just share my existing library of Loch Lomond photographs and video footage, it has though turned though into a much more comprehensive guide to the area.

I was keen to completely cover the parks footprint and to occasionally go a little bit beyond. The mostly excellent summer weather provided the perfect excuse to get out further and add to my library of photography and video from all over Loch Lomond & The Trossachs. 

I have found that the best way to research places for this website was to get out and experience them for myself and I am very grateful to everyone that took the time to show me their bit of Loch Lomond. Despite already having a pretty extensive Loch Lomond photography library many of the photographs for this website were taken especially for it. 


The See Loch Lomond Logo 

Above you can see two examples of our logo. The idea was to use seasonal images of Loch Lomond to give the website a different feel through the changing seasons. Showing different weather and seasons is another important factor for the website, Loch Lomond is a wonderful year round destination. In fact months like November and January can be some of the most spectacular of the year. 

We've also got three new t-shirts, each available in a range of sizes and colours. 

See Loch Lomond Shop

As well as the T-shirts that you can see above we also have some other items available too. Here is a selection..

Loch Lomond Videos 

The welcome video below introduces See Loch Lomond, in a very visual way (which is what we are all about), the behind the scenes video shows the aerial footage of many examples of the beautiful landscapes that was captured especially for this new website.  

Video - Welcome to See Loch Lomond

Video - Loch Lomond Aerial Filming

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This article and accompanying photographs are by Paul Saunders for See Loch Lomond. Visit Paul’s other websites, Paul Saunders Marketing & Paul Saunders Photography, for his marketing, photography & video services in Loch Lomond and beyond.

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