The Great Scottish Swim

The Great Scottish Swim is part of a series of events that take place across the UK. For the Scottish event it is clear that Loch Lomond is the ideal choice. On a practical nature the infrastructure already in place at Loch Lomond Shores helps tremendously. But the backdrop of Ben Lomond, the loch and the Maid of the Loch steamship really help to make this a special location for the event.  

Here are some photographs from the 2018 event, held on a sunny Saturday in August.

Different Events

The Great Scottish Swim has a series of events taking place throughout the day. You can swim anything from 250m to 2 miles. Entrant numbers are pre-booked and limited for each of the events, check their website to book yourself in for future events. Colour coded swimming hats help to distinguish between the different courses. It is the swimmers responsibility though to keep track on the number of circuits (dependent on each course duration) that they do before coming in. 

The 250m event has been introduced to give novices the chance to experience of open water swimming in a safe environment. Safety is of course of prime importance and all of the 2,700 or so participants are advised to take water and energy snacks at the various stations around the course. There is also a strong presence of life savers and both in boats and kayaks.


BBC Radio Scotland's Bryan Burnett was hosting the start area, preparing and warming up the entrants up ahead of each event. There was also an opportunity for swimmers to get into the water quickly, to allow some familiarisation of temperature etc., just ahead of each event. 

All of the swimmers started by swimming past the Maid of the Loch. There were some good views of the event to be had too from the deck of the paddle steamer.

The Finish Line 

The finish line area was also hosted well and there was good support for all of the swimmers as they crossed the line. All swimmers, regardless of their courses length, all approached the finish line along the same end route. 

There were some very impressive races to the end, some swimmers even found the energy to get out of the water and sprint to the point where the electronic tag system matched the ankle chip that they were wearing to record their official time. You can check all of the results and times by clicking here to view the official website of the Great Scottish Swim.

Here are some photographs of a few of the entrants reaching the finish line. Well done to everyone who took part in the 2018 event. 


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